Psychiatrist & Community Leader

Dr Jafer Qureshi hails from a respected family in Hyderabad. His father Mohammed Baquer Hussain Qureshi was a high-ranking civilian administrator of Hyderabad – during the time of Hyderabad StateÊs existence as a sovereign entity under the rule of H.E.The Nizam of Hyderabad.

He later became advisor and secretary to H.E. the Nizam and administrator of his family and charitable organizations.

He has been in the United Kingdom since April 1969 – and in addition to being a proud public servant working for the NHS, he has also been a bastion of civic engagement, humanitarian activism, and community outreach.

In addition to his clinical work in the field of Medicine and Psychiatry, he actively and extensively engages in social and non-governmental organizations to serve the community and country at large. He is involved in the following UK registered Charities: Trustee of Al-Khair Foundation and IQRATV UK. Former director, Trustee, of Muslim Aid UK and Sweden (Member of Executive Board and Former Vice-Chairman), CurrentTrustee to Muslim Aid India.

Director ofAl Fouz CharitableTrust, setup in conjunction with a Kuwaiti NGO founded by the family of Jassem Al-Kharafi former speaker of Kuwaiti Parliament. Director and trustee of Zakat Foundation India International, headquartered in the UK. International Advisor to MESCO – Hyderabad, India. A charity with branches all over India focusing on education and health care.

Dr Qureshi has worked on the international scene for the last 15 years in his capacity as a Trustee of Al-Khair Foundation, Muslim Aid and his various other charities and initiatives.

He has also played key direct and indirect roles in global international relief work and in diplomatic mediations – from India, Haiti, Pakistan, Turkey, Palestine (Gaza), Bosnia, Kashmir, to Indonesia and Malaysia, amongst others such as Bosnia & Herzegovina, where he organized and implemented a trip to the war-torn region with Sir Iqbal Sacranie.

Gujarat Earthquake, where he worked to mobilize immediate medical relief and personally visited the disaster zone Turkey, following a major earthquake in TurkeyÊs Adapazari he visited Adapazari to symbolically deliver the key to the housing complex directly to then-Prime Minister of Turkey HETayyip Erdogan.

Gaza and Palestine, where he was central to a Muslim Aid delegation, which co-ordinated with the Egpytian and British government’s to deliver vitally needed medical and humanitarian aid to the besieged inhabitants of Gaza in 2009 – where he also trained local doctors in treating the traumas of war, such as widespread depression and PTSD.


Pt. Dipesh Sharma

Pt. Dipesh Sharma has completed his Ph.D. in Astrology and gets his higher education in Management in the subjects like Finance, as well as the preservation and upliftment of the deep subjects like Astrology, Tantra and spirituality since last 12 years and constantly trying to improve.

Pt. Dipesh Sharma has made his own unique identity by reading his paper in many national and international conferences. In addition, many famous research papers have been published in many famous journals and monthly magazines. Honorable. Dipesh Sharma has established a global consciousness Research Centre in the city of Pune, the educational capital of India, where more than 1000 people have got the opportunity to master this discipline.


Mr. Dipesh Sharma has also been awarded several national and international awards in terms of his work and contribution to astrology and systems. Which includes Tantra Shiromani, Tantra Martand, Tantra Bhaskaracharya, Jyotish Ratna, Jyotish Maharshi, Jyotish Bhushan, and Jyotish Samarat.



DR. MOHAMMED ASHRAF ALI is one of the renowned and famous personalities among the NRI community in Saudi Arabia, currently staying at Riyadh for the last 28 years.

He is hailing from Hyderabad, Telangana State & belongs to a respectable family. Ashraf Ali has decades of real-time experience in International Sales & Business and acquires tremendous knowledge, skills, and capabilities to handle the business-related matters properly and efficiently.

He is Dynamic, Talented, Sincere, Hard-working, and Honest for all the times, these qualities will make him reach to the top-level management from a corporate level to the Indian Embassy level. He is a famous personality among the NRIs of Saudi Arabia for his best and respected personality. Since the beginning he has the passion to do something to others, this positive attitude towards community was expelled and actively participated in all the Events, Seminars, conferences, Facilitation Ceremonies, and other social gatherings in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in India. He is running a Non-Governmental Organization namely All India United Society (AIUS) since last 15 years and serving the community irrespective of color, creed, gender, religion voluntarily and help people in solving their personal, educational, Indian Embassy issues quickly and professionally.

Currently, he holds the following positions;

1. CEO Nafash Digicomm Company Pvt. Ltd., Begumpet, Hyderabad On a regular basis AIUS will conduct Fire Marshal a short intensive Fire Safety Program at the following Schools; 1. Success International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

2. Indian Embassy International School (Boys/Girls) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

3. Al-Ameen International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

4. Khaled International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

5. Al Noor International School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia …….., and many more.

He is always ready to help the needy and poor people for all the times day/night and hundreds of such people get benefited from his counseling, assistance especially NRIs in going back to their home country i.e., India duly resolving the administrative problems related to sponsor, job, accidents, etc.,

Apart from his routine Dentistry job, he fully dedicated to community works from a small too big and actively involved and resolves the problem/s quickly and efficiently duly consulting the concerned personnel/Department/Embassy.

He also provides Educational and Career counseling sharing his experience with students to choose the right career path to achieve their career/life goals. He always thinking positively for any good work, accepts every challenge related to community or Business, this habit leads to becoming the most successful Doctor as well as Entrepreneur. You can reach him at any time any where: Email or WhatsApp for any help related to NRIs or Business matters.




●DIRECTOR & ADVISER : International quran institude for research and spiritual training, Kelantan, Malysia.

●PRESENT ACTIVITIES 1-Publisher,Assaqafa Arabic Monthly. 2-Chief Editor Taaleemiduniya Urdu. 3-Director,Islamic Educational Board Of India.

●CERTIFICATES IN ARTS : 1-A.F.U. Bachelor’s Degree Of Adeeb-e-Fazil in Urdu Language ( University Of Calicut, Kerala )


Dr. Mohammed Imam Tehseen

●Director of Global peace organization 

●Social activists with 30 years of social service.