The Course curruculam for, Internships on python is carefully researched and prepared by professional from MNC to meet the demand expected in the current IT Industry. After completing Online Learcing Platform at Dikanz Education, students will be familiar with the entire python programming, Machine Learcing concepts, Implementing a python project.

What is Coding and Decoding? Coding is a process used to encrypt a word, a number in a particular code or pattern based on some set of rules. … Decoding is a process to decrypt the pattern into its original form from the given codes.

Coding essentially attributes lines of code to a program (which can be a computer program or a software installed on a robot, for example). Decoding reverses those line of codes. … This is done by translating code lines into plain text or other format that makes it easier to read.

Mr. Prabhat Agrawal

Python Developer and trainer Dikanz Pvt. Ltd posses 3 Years experience in python programming languages, trained more than 200 students in various programming langauges. Also hold the experience in PHP, WordPress, Java and Angular

Ms. Pratibha Rajawat

Python developer and trainer Dikanz Pvt. Ltd with 5 years experience as technical trainer for all technical courses.